Top 5 Yoga Postures to Cure your Migraine Headache

Yoga for migraine

I had been suffering from migraine headache for a long time. I had suffered a lot, because I had acute migraine headache for many years. I met many people that days, when I was very worried, better to say a sad person, because most of the time, most of the doctors (Allopathy) and some of my friends and colleagues had told me that migraine is incurable headache. They had given me such and such suggestions to prevent the headache, but nobody told me the exact way or thing by which I could get relief from this issue.

I had taken painkillers hundreds of thousands of time and followed other medications repeatedly what my colleagues and friends suggested. I came to know many men and women who were the sufferers of migraine, but most of them told me that they used to take painkillers of different types in different times when the headache knocks. Many people among them used to take steam inhalation, which is considered an effective short-term home remedy for treating migraine headache.

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Say Good Bye to Pain Killers and Inhalation Medications

I was addicted to painkillers and inhalation medications that usually suggested by my doctors and guided my friends, and colleagues. They were beyond doubt my well-wishers, but I was hovering here and there in search of a good way, a good physician, a good therapy or medication and even exercise that could make me free permanently from this headache. Thank God! I had met one of the brilliant doctors who helped me a lot to get rid of this headache. Sure, I will never forget him, because he not only treated me but also taught me about migraine headache, and guided me as a friend. He was a homeopathy physician. I believe Homeopathy is one of the best sciences to cure many different ailments that other medicines, like Allopathy medicine could hardly compare. He told me about yoga and migraine, beside homeopathy. Here, I will not discuss about migraine and homeopathy. I will tell you the success story of my life, better to say a story of yoga for migraine headache that helped me a lot to overcome the migraine pain besides homeopathic medication.

Do Not Ignore Your Migraine Pain

I do yoga since 2013. At first, I had started studying yoga just to understand the basic principles of this ancient science, and after a few months of continuous study, I got addicted to it. After 3-4 week of yoga practice, I had started getting the result. Truly, the result was amazing.

I must say that people suffering from migraine headache for a long time should not ignore it. They should consult with a homeopathy physician, because I personally believe homeopathy is a science that has the dexterity to cure many different illnesses that other medicines hardly can. It is 100 percent natural, so you can rely on homeopathy sans relying on other medicines that can give you tons of medicines and countless side effects.

You are free to ask me any question you need related to migraine headache, homeopathy, and yoga, because the day when I had started taking homeopathy medicines to cure my migraine headache, from that day I added some yoga for migraine beside my homeopathy medicines, so that I could get a pain free life in a short span of time. Let us start the discussion, yes, about yoga and migraine.

Here, in this blog, I will tell you five yoga postures or yoga asana to cure migraine headache. You can try at home without any fear. It is better if you ask a trainer to help you attain the results quickly.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

All but 90 percent migraine sufferers either take painkiller tablets or steam inhalation when the throbbing starts, which is not at all good in any condition. Most of the acute migraine sufferers take painkillers regularly to stop headache, but migraine sufferers, who do yoga on a regular basis stop taking them completely. They look and feel better, even 1000-time better practicing downward facing dog pose, which is known as a great yoga for migraine. This pose improves flexibility as well.

  • Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend Pose)

Standing forward bend pose targets tension and stress. This yoga pose contributes to your migraine pain. Like other yoga postures, standing forward bend or Uttanasana helps boost circulation and improve blood flow to brain. Thus, lessen pain, headache or throbbing that migraine sufferers are having.

  • Janusirsasana (Head to Knee Pose)

Migraine pain can be a great problem in your life if you ignore it. It is better you practice head to knee pose from the very first day to beat migraine. Two of my closest colleagues and neighbors migraine sufferers are ardent yoga practitioners, who believe this yoga pose helped them beat migraine pain after a few weeks of practice.

  • Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend Pose)

You can start the test-driving with a variety of yoga postures offered at your nearest yoga society or at nearby yoga studios; the type of yoga postures and classes that suit you most. Whatsoever yoga lessons you learn or postures you try, no one can tell you to avoid seated forward bend pose, a great yoga for migraine, beside other hot yoga postures, like Restorative Yoga. Hatha Yoga, Sunrise Stretch etc. to name a few.

  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog Pose)

Upward facing dog pose helps to release tension as well as stress in your body. This yoga can give you an opportunity to slow down and relax at the same time, and improves circulation throughout your body. Anytime you improve circulation, it helps improve stress and pain, which is the root cause of headache including migraine.

Other Yoga postures for Migraine headache can be added to your yoga lesson for better results.

  • Forward Virasana
  • Wide Angle Standing Forward Bend Pose
  • Twist Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Corpse Pose
  • Child Pose
  • Cat Stretch Pose
  • Lotus Pose
  • Happy Baby Pose
  • Stated Eagle Pose
  • Reclining Bound Angle Pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • Camel Pose
  • The Shoulder Stand Pose

Medical research scientists believe that migraine is a neurological disorder that causes recurring throbs ranging from moderate to high intensity. Migraine headache often one-sided and often both sided. The effects only one-half of the head most of the time, and can last from 2-hour to 48-hour. A migraine sufferer sometimes feels extremely sensitive towards noise and/or light. Other common symptoms of migraine include pain aggravation, nausea and vomiting because of the physical activity. It is believed that migraine headache is a very common neurological issue, and is more common compared to asthma, diabetes and epilepsy.

It does not matter what yoga postures or styles fit your practice, you can help beat migraine pain and tune your muscles, and your breathing – all are beyond doubt very healthy migraine prevention habit for your life.



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