How To Beat Insomnia By Yoga?

How To Beat Insomnia By Yoga

The increasing stressful life routine ends up into sleepless nights. The impact of sleepless nights leads to restless days. On the whole, routine of day and night severely affected. To work in shifts especially night shift also cause sleep problem. The greater the sleep troubles the more one gets suffering from insomnia. However there is possibility to resolve this problem forever through. Many people ask how to beat Insomnia by yoga and here is the answer below:

Yoga is an effective medium which is harsh over diseases. Generally, when people suffer from sleep issues, they are advised to follow the following Yoga asana:

  • Meditation: Start your day with meditation. Sit in the comfortable position. Cross your legs. Close your eyes and rest hands on your thighs. Breathe for few minutes. This is not meditation but only a short break which allow you to breathe.


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  • Twist Seated: Be in the crossed legged position and inhale. Sit tall and straight. Exhale when you twist the torso to left. Stay in twist for deep breaths. Exhale when you turn your face towards and inhale again. Exhale again when you twist to the right.

twist Seated

  • Cross-Legged Bend: Be in the cross legged position and bend forward the hips and move your hands straight in front of the bed. Be in this position for few deep breaths and feel the stretch of the back as well as hips.

Cross-Legged Bend

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  • Seated Forward bend: Extend your legs slowly and keep the knees bent. Inhale and sit tall. Exhale and reach the feet. Bend the knees and keep your back flat and straight. This posture is a known hamstring stretch. Be in the same seated position with legs scattered. Now round the back gently over the legs. Stay forward with deep breaths and feel the stretch with spine.

Seated Forward bend

  • Knees-to-Chest Pose: For this posture, you need to roll down in order to lie on the back. Rest your head on pillow. Then hug one knee onto the chest and bring chin close to you. Be in the same position with deep breaths. This increases the extended leg and loosens the hip. Repeat the pose by switching over the legs.

knees-to-Chest Pose

  • Recline the Big-Toe Hold: Inhale and extend the leg straight to the ceiling by holding tightly by comfortably reaching closer the knee. Exhale and keep legs straight while you bring it closer to the head. Move little bit closer with every exhale. Change the sides and keep stretches gentle and slow like you are doing just a halfway.

Recline the Big-Toe Hold



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