7 Amazing Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

7 Amazing Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is the unique type of massage. Unlike other western massage types, it is fully performed with the covered body. One can say it is traditional Chinese Massage. This massage therapy is equally beneficial for both the masseuse and receiver. As strong the mental connection between masseuse and receiver, the stronger will be the effects. Thai massage has advantages for both physical and mental health.

With the exacerbating nature of the mental and physical illness, the role of traditional remedies has become more imperative for keeping ourselves fit and healthy. Thai massage is evergreen remedy for curing stress, joints diseases, and heart problems. Even science seems to be agreeing on the benefits of massage therapies. A research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary stated that 45-60 minutes massage session helps to slow down the heart rate and stimulates serotonin which causes you sleep. The relaxing sensations which produce inside the mind and body after receiving a massage therapy are almost impossible to describe. These are the important benefits of Thai massage.

  1. Stress reliever

Stress is becoming rapidly common disease around the world. Thai massage helps you to reduce cortisol level inside your body which is the main cause for anxiety. Stretching massage technique combined with Yoga will help you receive the reward of stress relief. For relieving stress, masseuse twists the limbs and pulls; the body of the receiver is rocked to produce a different kind of relaxing sensations in the body of a receiver. If the muscles of the receiver are much tight then it will cause a little sweet pain for a loosening of muscles. Upon loosening, there will be stimulated relaxation in the body.

Stress reliever

  1. Increases comfort

Thai massage helps the body and mind to relax for an extended period of time. It is important to create a perfect calm and peaceful environment for performing it. A little less noisy soft music will add taste to it. Using the soft tissue, acupressure and stretching of myofascial tissues are the techniques used for having inner comfort and peace. Thai massage is a relaxing therapeutic activity which can be performed with the aim of attaining comfort. energizing the mood of the receiver.

  1. Energy booster

This massage therapy is incredibly helpful for becoming energetic, passionate and focused. Thai massage helps the body to maintain metabolism which is quite important for your maintaining your energy level. Physical exercise is naturally equipped with elements to keep your optimum energy level. This activity is performed by energizing the mood of the receiver.

  1. Strengthens immune system

Thai massage is important for providing renewed energy to the immunity cells. These fresh body cells will be equipped better than ever to fight the pathogens and germs. This act will make your body resourceful in immunities as well. Thai massage helps to increase the efficiency digestive system which does not let your stomach bloat. Additionally, Thai massage helps you overcome joint diseases, stomach indigestions, and legs weakness. A study has unearthed that white cell count was increased in the patients who underwent Thai massage regularly in comparison to the cancer patients who did not perform it at all. For cancer patients, Thai massage is extremely beneficial. It is recommended by physicians that Thai massage helps the body to increase the white blood cells.

  1. Anti-aging

In fact, Thai massage is a combination of Yoga and meditation. This whole practice nourishes your soul and freshens up your body when performed perfectly. The combination of Yoga with acupressure technique helps the body to achieve higher blood pressure causing regeneration of many blood cells and hormones. The increased amount of newly created cells is the key for anti-aging. Face lifting is another Thai massage technique which is being used in Western countries excessively. This technique is quite a hilarious one but has huge anti-aging benefits. In this technique, masseuse slaps the face which is quite funny but it helps to make the smooth circulation of blood and relocate the fats.

  1. Good for diabetics

It is more advantageous for type 1 diabetic patient. Thai massage helps the body to maintain normal sugar level. Therefore, Thai massage increases the insulin in the pancreas which is good for combating diabetes. It motivates the individuals for a proper healthy exercise.

  1. Weight loss

It is recommended by practitioners that receivers should participate actively in the massage sessions. By doing this, they would be able to lose carbs and fats quickly due to high consumption of energy during massage therapy. Stretching and other Yoga activities consume many calories.



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