Why Yoga Retreat in Kerala Can Be Best the Option to Get Peace Of Mind?

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Breaking from life as usual for a few days of yoga retreat is a stellar Idea on so many levels. Not only do you find some great mind-body refreshment but also get to enjoy bonhomie with your kind of yoga people and see a different slice of the world! And what slice of the world can be better than the land where it all began?

We suggest you, for all the right reasons, a yoga retreat in Kerala with guided yoga and all the best elements of mind-body holistic health going in the mix on these soul-enriching few days in the yoga birth land India—

Strengthening the Foundation of Your Yoga Learning and Practice

You need to keep advancing your yoga. What may have started as a little stretching exercise to shoo away back pain following a virtual class on YouTube, needs to expand in the range of motion, flexibility, and strength training.

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Furthermore, you need to delve deeper than the physical aspect, bring your attention on the breath and develop a meditative mind to open your being to the vast range of benefits yoga has to offer.

While at a drop-in or virtual classes, you have no other choice but to just somehow fall in line with the instructor’s moves to the best of your abilities, the longer span of your stay on a retreat will make way for hands-on correction and posture assistance. Plus, interactive sessions on yoga philosophy and its moral-ethical codes, guided meditation, pranayama, and more such esoteric aspects of the discipline will open before you.

Nature, Pure Nature!

Kerala is a province of green wonder. An interesting backwater ecosystem thrives in this part of the Indian subcontinent adjoining the seas. There is a languid network of backwaters channeling through any part of Kerala. The singsong splish-splash of the waters and palm trees hanging over the bayou gives the place a quaint charm.

You can seek your time alone amidst nature in the green miles of hills in the Western Ghats and check out the province’s exceptional tea and coffee plantations or go canoeing in the backwaters. Most yoga retreats held in Kerala reserves nature trips between training and the retreat homes too are usually nestled in the close embrace of nature.

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Ayurveda- the Ancient Science of Life

Alternate therapy with Ayurveda today has gained validation of mainstream medicine in prevention and cure. The ancient science developed in India from the same Vedic knowledge pool that yoga is a part of and it is a way of life in Kerala. You are likely to find in-house Ayurvedic parlors at your retreat home, availing rejuvenating herbal spa and massage.

Also, did your Ayurveda offer the best way for specific disease-informed detox? Following the Ayurveda-prescribed strategic massage, oleation, and dietary regime for the days of your retreat, you will come out with a sparkle!

Good Vibrations on the Beach

Kerala boasts of a miles-long coastline along the Arabian Sea, dotted with quaint little coastal yoga towns like Varkala perched on the iconic red cliffs. You are going to love the sun and sea in the tropical weather of this place.

Put on your beach bottoms, sun bathe, and go get that golden tan you always wanted!

Plus, there are out of the world sunrises and sunsets to look forward to.

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Food Is a Holistic Health Experience!

Kerala cuisine presents a cornucopia of vegetarian delights, cooked tenderly and ensuring refreshment for your palate. The regional sadhya style food is presented on a green plantain leaf with dollops of different vegetable sides with rice and fries and curries in bowls. The sheer variety and the aesthetic presentation brings Kerala food extra brownie points besides the explosion of non-overlapping flavors.

You can expect an Ayurvedic Kerala food cooking demonstration at your retreat or just sign up for one in the town because the goodness of this cuisine needs to be carried home!

Food also has a sacred and ritualistic connotation in the regional culture that makes you become more aware of your meals. Make sure to pray before meals, detox and delight, and carry your recipe notebook!

Soul and Surf

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!”

And, that is the idea behind yoga too. In the thrilling beach hamlets of Kerala, these two soul activities come together. You would love to ride the tides, use your newfound yogic balance to stay afloat and happy on the crests of tumultuous waves.

The Happy Yogi Crowd

Kerala attracts yogis from over the globe all year long to spend a few days blessing out in its tropical haven and the yogi crowd is best people you will ever meet in life. Joy is their natural state and it’s pretty damn infectious!

Make the best of friends and raise a toast to new adventures together!



Shruti Singh is a blog writer by profession. She is associated with “Yoga Retreat in Kerala” blog and she is sharing her personal experience about yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.