What Qualities Make an Authentic Yogi?


If you have met an amazing yoga instructor, then you know how much impact authenticity and sincerity can have on the students. Authentic yoga teachers go above and beyond to inspire and uplift others. They can help us to rejuvenate, relax, redefine ourselves. They can help us overcome life challenges and push through mental roadblocks that we didn’t even know existed.

We all know that no two yoga teachers are the same, but there are those who have certain traits that make them authentic. They not only have plenty of grit but they also unapologetic about who they are and what they stand for. These are quintessential yogis who can instil yogic wisdom in others.

So, what makes an amazing yoga teacher? Herein, we’ll present to you 7 surprising traits of authentic yogis. These are qualities you may want to cultivate too to achieve next-level yogic wisdom.

They Have Grit: Passion for What They Do

Perhaps the most standout trait of wise, authentic yoga teachers is that they have lots of grit. They harbor an unwavering passion for their yoga practice. And by that I mean these authentic yogis have gone through their journey with yoga, and they teach based on firsthand experience. With that said, they tend to live, eat, and breathe what they teach in their yoga sessions. Thanks to their deep-seated passion and commitment to deepening their yoga practice, their teachings are continually authentic and fresh.

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They Are Curious

There’s a lot to learn about the fascinating world of yoga. That’s why wise, authentic yogis have a burning curiosity which fuels their ambition to learn more, offer their students more, and take their yogic wisdom off the mat and into the real world. They know that there’s more to someone, situation or a student. That is why they don’t just assume that what they see is all there is. It is this keen interest in exploring further that keep opening doors for them.

They are Fierce and Unapologetic

Sure, a wise yogi may be flexible and limber on the mat. However, that doesn’t imply that they aren’t bold, unwavering, and fierce. Empathy and boldness flow in their bloodstream. That’s why they are ultra empowered and unapologetic in whatever they do. They know who they are, and they aren’t afraid to make it known, albeit in a clear and calm way.

Otherwise put, authentic yogis often speak and live from their hearts. Oftentimes that means they are unapologetic enough to show others their flaws and strengths — who they are! They are incredibly comfortable and confident in their own skin.

They are Charismatic and Collected

Even in the face of adversity, wise yogis are calm and collected together. Their charisma comes from an internal mindset cultivated through being truly present in the moment, warmth, and compassion. Their external attitude is deeply rooted in power, charm, and wisdom.

These amazing yoga teachers don’t look upon their egos and eccentricities to command respect. Instead, they cultivate a warm, welcoming atmosphere where students can feel safe, and inspired to grow. It is for their calm demeanor that authentic yogis command effortless respect from others.

They Have a Sense of Humour

As a yoga teacher, it is easy to get caught up in all the motions of yoga practice. Despite that, authentic yogis know that it is not wise to take themselves way too seriously. They make the time and effort to indulge in the charming, fun side of life too. They know that laughter and humour can do wonders for every aspect of their life.

They are Humble and Down to Earth

The last thing authentic yoga teachers want is to seem pretentious. While they realize their potential and magic of their very existence, these yogis are always down to earth and practice humility in whatever they do. As such, they don’t let their egos overrun their mind, body and spirit. Instead, they cherish, respect, and value the gift that is life.

They Allow their Authentic “Self” to Shine Through

Everyone has an authentic personality, and so do authentic yoga teachers. They operate in a judgement-free zone and let their personality shine through. If they have a natural sense of humour, they aren’t afraid to lighten the mood and make sure that every student is relaxed to take in what yoga has to offer.



Katherine Smith is an international Yovada yoga teacher, writer, travel junkie and food enthusiast with a tremendous appetite for life. Yoga has been a revolutionary force in her life that has fuelled more reinvention and releasing than Kat can remember as she systematically shed everything that no longer served her to reveal the person she was destined to become. Having called eight different countries home and found family and adventure in every corner of the globe, she is currently based in Amsterdam. Inspired by her own journey Katherine offers students sanctuary from an otherwise fast paced life with her Deep & Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga retreats worldwide.