Top 10 Reasons to Go To Thailand for the Ideal Yoga Experience


Yoga lovers feel an integral connection with the East. The ancient spiritual cultures, the presence of religiosity and spiritualism in the day to day life, the moral-ethical code of living, and the diverse beautiful geography and people of the Orient are great pulls of yoga life enthusiasts, and the ‘Land of Smiles’ Thailand stands for these qualities of the true East and more.

No wonder, yogis over the world save dates for a yoga retreat just for the pleasures of Thailand.

Meet Traditional Eastern Teachers

There is something special about teachers of the East and every yogi knows so. Be it an educator steeped in the culture of Vipassana Meditation or an Indian Instructor of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga from the yoga birth land, they always have something new to add to your yoga.

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The new ingredient comes in the form of intense breath-intensification in the practice, an expanded meditational outreach, prioritizing holistic health, and an orientation in the lifestyle of peace, universal love, and turning off all inquiry inwards.

The Buddhist Meditative Culture

No, we are not asking you to become a monk!

But the ubiquitous culture of Meditation in Thailand has much to offer to the rest of the world. Imagine each beautiful dawn breaking to deep resounding gongs of surrounding monasteries as monks depart for their alms round.

Spending a few days of the yoga retreat in the proximity of a Thai Buddhist Monastery will bring you the solace you have been looking for all your life. Culturing silence with Vipassana and having a few days quietness of the soul in exchange for a digital detox could be just what you are in need of.

Some of the Best Beaches in the World

Thailand is famous for its breathtaking beaches and you possibly can’t miss them on your journey to the Land of Smiles. Sprightly water adventures, capturing a lifetime’s worth of great moments in the photogenic settings, romantic dim lit evenings by the waves, and reveling in the all-nighter party scenes—there are a hundred reasons to love the Thai beaches and yoga is never any bar for having fun.

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The Thailand of Forests and Mountains

On the flip side of Thai beaches, there are acres after acres of tropical forests. Take for example the lovely Pak Song where yoga retreats are arranged in collaboration with Ecologic stays. Perfect for your practice in the heart of nature and give back love to the mother earth with ecologic living!

For the Love of Thai Food

Hardly would you find someone who’s averse to Thai food and reasonably so. The pack full of flavors in the surprisingly lightly-made dishes keeps people coming back for more. It’s healthy without compromising a spicy edge that applies to meat and vegetarian dishes alike. Thus, the food works great to sustain you through your days of the yoga practice.

Also, never in the world, you are going to find a street food fare so nice and healthy and amazingly cheap.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is more than a relaxing body rub. It invigorates and heals. Masseuses ensure that you are not being passive and ease you to safely twist, stretch, and unwind the knotty parts of your musculoskeletal frame. There is no application of oil or other substances but the environ is prepared conductively for peace and healing.

There are multifarious benefits of Thai Yoga Massage—enhanced energy flow, relief from pain and headaches, stress relief, and the facilitation of an inner flush out of toxins with strategically directed massage.

The Adventure Factor

Thailand has an amazingly patterned landscape. You are going to find green slopes, thick rainforests, tropical beaches, and beautiful rivers. Depending upon the location of your yoga retreat, you can easily pack in a punch of adventure in your days in this gorgeous country.

Go elephant safari in the forests, canoes in the rivers, surf and deep sea dive in the ocean, or explore trails around the country’s well-known trekking circuits.

Because a yogi’s life should be all about adventure!


Whether you are going away to Thailand for a whole month or only for a week, you will always be in time for some festival or the other. Most of the festivities are based on a lunar calendar and may be religious but all people are welcome in the merrymaking!

Be it Loi Krathong- the Festival of Lights, Songkran- the Water Festival, or Full Moon Parties—the joy is utterly infectious.

A Backpacker’s Heaven

Thailand is a great place for budget-friendly travels and therefore always holding a busy backpacker scene. If you are the kind who believes in traveling with nothing but a backpack with a yoga mat tied in, Thailand will be your heaven.

Great Opportunity for Karma Yoga

Thailand is a great place to start your Karma Yoga or selfless service. You can volunteer to teach at remotely-located schools, start a medical facility in the rural area, or support ecological causes in the affected areas.



Ridhi Jain, a bachelor in Mass Communication and Yogi at heart, has always been fascinated by the power of Yoga and its ability to influence others positively. Following her true calling and love for writing, she stepped into the arena of Yoga and Spirituality writing since she graduated and has been diligently sharing her thoughts and knowledge on these sciences ever since. Being an avid follower of the ancient science of Yoga, she strives to inspire millions to imbibe and adopt Yoga. One the path of reading, learning, and writing about yoga there has been no looking back as she continues to deepen her passion for the yogic science.