The Experiences of Awakening Kundalini

Kundalini yoga

The awakening of kundalini is like a great explosion which transports a person into another plane of being. It is necessary to pass through an intermediate zone of change, where perceptions, feelings and experiences undergo a transformation. The adventure is always the same, it is a journey through the border region between the known and the unknown. The complete process of awakening is comprised of several stages, as the kundalini rises and passes through the various chakras. It takes quite some time to become fully stabilized,

The preliminary awakening of kundalini is followed by the experience of light in bhrumadhya, the eyebrow center. After some time, the appetite for food and sleep gradually decreases and the mind becomes quieter. ida and pingala flow simultaneously for a long period of time, and sushumna begins to flow, then it is time to prepare for a spiritual event. Therefore, one should be conversant with swara yoga, the science of the breath cycle, and keep a close watch over the breathing process.  An onslaught of experiences. When the actual awakening occurs there is an explosion and there are symptoms which are sometimes very difficult to understand. The most unique and common experience is the release of energy like an electric shockfrom the bottom of the spinal cord, as if it were connected to an electrical power point. Sometimes you hear drums, flutes, bells, birds, celestial music, or you may even think you can hear peacocks singing. You may have a very momentary sensation of sitting outside in the middle of a monsoon shower, and there can also be the sensation of dark clouds in continual movement overhead and the sound of thunder. At times your body feels so light and you may even visualize your spinal cord as a fluorescent light. The other side is that all the anger, passions and suppressions come out. Sometimes you are so filled with fear that you can’t sleep, sometimes for days together you have nothing in your mind but sex, at other times you can’t think of anything but food. However, all these symptoms pass within a few days or weeks.



At the young age of 15 (fifteen), young Vishnu became a disciple of Muni Samaj – the school of Meditation. At the age of 18 he met Vedanta Kashari (the Lion of Vedanta) – Swami Niranjanji, under whose guidance he studied for next two years. By the age of 20, Vishnu has deeply immersed into a path of devotion and spiritual awakening. Now he teach yoga and meditation around the world.