Can My Body be fit For Yoga?

can yoga fit for my body

I just started my yoga practice but I am mulling over my decision as I am not able to do many yoga poses right. And when I would stumble performing a difficult pose, I would grumble, “Is there a no way I could get myself into the pose?”

Each one of us has different body shape, height, weight, body composition and varied bone sizes. In fact, each body is unique. But thanks to my yoga instructor who always insists that Yoga welcomes everyone – of any body weight, height, color and race on the mat to help them bolster the equality and generate a non-judgmental space where people to fit in.

Yoga is not about making your body flexible but to make life beautiful with healthy body and flexibility.  Yoga is also about opening your heart and allowing ourselves to present in each facet of life.  And it is up to our instructor how we make the most of the yoga and how best we can do each yoga pose.

Any good instructor would help students go deeper into the yoga practice and make them understand what their bodies can do and what not. Poses will get modified to make it simple and interesting to perform. Each class would have versatility and flavor to make the pose equally challenging and easy. The instructor would help the students find their own way into the bodies and breathe.

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As a basketball is quite flexible to adjust their game plan any minute, a great teacher is a one who can instantly point out the student’s needs and adjust instantly. They tune themselves with the flow and take the class deep into the theme.  A good yoga teacher is also a one who can create a perfect balance of alignment, flow, and spirituality.

A good yoga teacher will take you on the new plane, where you would never have ever thought of reaching.  These planes are not only the level of your reach but the power of your breathe helping you reach a new level. He or she would always tell you to send only positive thoughts into your mind for sending the positive energy into the body.

And the training that you will get is deeply inscribed 5000 years old Vedic wisdom with modernistic yogis interpretation which has perfect amalgamation of asanas, meditation, sun salutation, yoga philosophy and asana development to get you aligned with rhythms of the cosmos.

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Yes, our bodies are fit for yoga but learn, practice and adopt yoga for its ample benefits under an able guidance and instruction of a true yoga master.



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