6 Yoga Poses that Soothe Sore Feet

6 Yoga Poses that Soothe Sore Feet

If you spend a few nights every week wearing high heels or your job requires you to be one your feet for many hours every day, the chances are you will end up with sore feet. The same is also true for individuals that are overweight and those that wear footwear that does not fit well. Also, common foot problems like plantar fasciitis and flat feet can also leave you with sore feet. And while there are many remedies that you can use such as massaging and soaking your feet, yoga poses can also be very helpful. Here are some of these useful yoga poses that you can use to soothe your sore feet.

#1 Talasana

The Talasana pose will help to strengthen the foot stabilizing muscles and ligaments, calves, ankles, and even the plantar fascia. And it does this by helping you learn how to ground down the feet properly.

How to do the pose

  • Start by standing with your feet close together.
  • Bring the large toes close together until they touch while ensuring that there is half an inch space between the heels.
  • Now root down through the feet by lifting your toes and then spreading them wide.
  • Press down on the floor using your heels and the balls of the pinky and large toes until you feel a lift through the arches of the feet.
  • Lift the arms up to reach overhead and turn the pinkies in but slightly and then relax the shoulders away from the ears.
  • The last step is to firm the quads and pull the navel up and in towards the spine. Hold this pose for at least eight breaths.

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#2 Malasana

With the Malasana yoga pose, you will be stretching both calves and hips but it will also help to strengthen the plantar fascia, and most of the stabilizing muscles and tendons around the ankles.

How to do the pose

  • Start with the feet out and wider than your hip-width and then turn the toes to point out at 45 degrees.
  • Next place the palms together on the chest before engaging the abs and then root down through the feet. You can do this by lifting the toe up and pressing down through the ball mound on the pinky and large toes.
  • Bend the knees while also lowering the hips towards the ground and once the hips are low enough you should press the thighs open while simultaneously pushing them outwards.
  • Now lift the chest into the thumbs and squeeze the shoulder blades down to the back and hold the pose for eight breaths.

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#3 Downward Facing Dog

The downward facing dog pose has an interesting name but there is still more to it than the name. It is a very useful pose when you want to relieve tension around the calves, ankles, hamstring and the plantar fascia.

How to do the pose

  • Start by getting into a tabletop position with both the hands and knees on the floor and with the wrists in front of the shoulders slightly.
  • Spread the fingers wide while pressing down through the knuckles to root down.
  • Now tuck the toes under and press into the palms to lift your hips up towards the sky. Also, begin to stretch out the legs while pressing the chest back towards the thighs and making a V-shape with the body.
  • Reach your tailbone up and pull the navel in towards the spine.
  • While keeping the back straight, sink the heels towards the ground until you feel the stretch through the calves, Achilles tendon, and the entire feet. Also, hold this position for at least eight breaths.

#4 Runners Stretch

Runners stretch might not sound like a typical yoga pose but it is, in fact, one of the most common ones. And if you are struggling with sore feet, achy and tensed up muscles it can be very useful as it helps to stretch out most of the important muscles on the legs.

How to do the pose

  • Start by coming into a low lunge on your yoga mat with one foot forward.
  • Keep the back toes tucked under and drop the back knee to the mat.
  • Shift the hips back towards the back heel and flex the front foot.
  • Lean forward gently and then hinge the torso over the front knee.
  • Breathe in this position for at least five breathes before going back to a standing position to relax for a couple of minutes and then repeat the pose


A sore and achy foot is not only highly uncomfortable but will also affect your life in various ways as it stops you from doing the things you love such as exercising and running. But, before you give up on physical activities and lead a more inactive life, you should know that there are many easy ways of dealing with sore feet, and the four yoga poses above are some of the best ones.