When I Travelled Alone


For many traveling solo means boring and risky feast but I feel each one of us should venture alone at least once in a lifetime to feel the freedom of being on one’s own.  It is a feeling of getting new wings to fly anywhere and do anything we want and opening all the veils of societal hindrances which are exciting, exuberating and so very liberating.

Thousand of questions appeared in my mind when I landed in Kairali in Kerala, remote yet popular tourist spot as well as yogis preferred destination. I kept wondering what I would be doing for whole one week in this remote and unknown whose language and culture is totally alien to me, But believe me this week went by so amusingly well and unimaginable.

Kerala has a pristine beauty with the myriad of enchanting hues. It is like a green Venice which God created gloriously. I felt like I am immersed in the beautiful landscape. Its enchanting lands and rich and culture heritage is a winded tapestry. This whole week for me became an exciting rendezvous with each and every facet of the Kairali which has a mystical spell, a time wrapped in beauty with healing powers combine ancient practice like sattvic food, yoga, and messages for bringing in changes in an aura and aspiring positivity. The place is like a natural healing hospital where patients from India and abroad often visits for getting naturopathic treatments. So here I did all the stuff that made me connected with myself, rejuvenated me with life, gave me enjoyment and peace.

So in this nature’s tapestry, I found myself taking a tree pose amidst the tall coconut trees and twisted my legs. And also I got massage sessions along with cherishing coconut water.  I also went on for nature walks with friends that I made during yoga sessions to see the herb and vegetable garden. I met lots of people and with many of them developed long time connectivity and friendship and also established a certain bond with them.

But for the ones not interested in yoga and naturopathy they too could take make their solo journey a most happening event.  They could meet the locals to get the gist and understanding of the culture, be surprised by the new interests that had been developed all through, curtail all the inhabitations, pamper with  the things that they wanted to do and wanted to do in the life time. Make each moment of their solo days precious and salvage and chalk the new learning experience.  But at the same time be attentive, careful and safe, do not allow anyone to take you for a ride.

Traveling alone gives us a chance to understand ourselves and about the other world despite our own. It helps us to understand more about the world around us.  Think about it? with the limited time and money, it is best to customize it wisely and to your individualized traveling, enjoyment and fun. How’s that?



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