Here You Are For The Adventure Yoga Retreats

adventure yoga retreat

For the global trotters, combining traveling and yoga retreat is what you need. There is more to getting your poses on the beach or over the hill top facing green grasslands below. There costa ride for you through the different cultural traverses of different lands and many different mystical displays which you might not have seen anywhere else.  Let not your dreams shatter so we are also producing some of the best yoga vacations that would force you to take Vinyasa pose on Utah’s Red Rock and others.

Newness in Old, Have Your Day bright with the Kali Walking Retreat in Spain

Do not miss out this Alpajurra region of Europe, seven-days retreat that could become a surprising ride for you. You juggle yourself through the country’s waterfalls, Moorish villages and breathtaking gorges as you wander through the hills of Spain.  There are couple of yoga retreat programs with one of them is by Tapas and Sangria whose each day would bring in a complete newness for you. It comprises of meditation, yoga, group meals and moderate bikes. And not to forget the afternoon healing therapies which are sure to leave you glistening with happiness and gratitude.

Get A Blooming Yoga Retreat in Bali 

In whatever place or city you are, in one or the part of their life, yogis do land up in Bali. Popularly known as Well Being Destination, Bali has occupied the heart of yogis for its amazing locations, calming natural settings, traditional spas and holistic centers.  Bali has itself growing yoga community who organizes own festivals that attract yoga enthusiasts, spiritual seekers, dancers and musicians from all over the world. Select from among the yoga retreats that allow you to combine leisure travel with healthy living.

Surf and Do Yoga in Morocco

If you are looking for a retreat that would allow you to ride on waves, take a flight for Morocco.  The city provides weeklong retreats all over the year with each one of them offering combination of surfing and yoga.  A day includes morning and evening yoga classes, and in the noon you go for beach and nourishing meals. In their extra time, yogis can also enjoy taking part in traditional steam baths or massages, day trips in the surrounding villages and camel and horse riding.

Hills of Swiss Alps resonates with Ujjayi breathing 

The hills of Swiss resounds with the sounds of Ujjayi breathing as the yogis sit cross legged in morning and afternoon yoga classes. They have a gala time having meals besides enjoying the brilliant views of Asharina.  Switzerland provides yoga gala time both in winters and summers. In winters they can combine their yoga with skiing and summers are for enjoying the beautiful scenic view with friends or family.

Avail of Spiritual Journey of your life in Bhutan

A deeply spiritual nation Bhutan serves as ideal location for powerful meditative practice.  Yoga retreat programs in this small yet lovely nation of its own can enchant you with hikes, practices in the morning and evening, delicious dumpling and cultural immersions. If you love exploring, the retreat will also give you five day trek through the Druk park.

The life is short, as you might have heard a common life, “You will not get a Life to Live again”.  Though there are several ordeals in our life, but we can come out of the same and what is more better way to come out then enjoy a Yoga Retreat in the lovely, least explored nations of the world.



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