Soul Searching Destination- And That’s Bhutan

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I am dizzy all through the day waiting for my teacher, a cute English damsel but she could not arrive today. Heck, I thought but what has been most upsetting is her unpredictable attitude. Leave it, I murmured.  Suddenly I started packing my bags. I had made up my mind I wanted peace, no rules, no jugglery between my work and home, but just to be myself.  I googled, Yes! And within few days after making my travel plans, I took a flight for Bhutan, a small, peaceful and cute nation, near the Indian border, and tangled in Himalayan ranges.

It’s a city and for me, it is like something of an emotional mix; moving out from the home and secondly to be landed in the far away place, away from the busiest and my worldly pleasures. But I have made up my mind, I wanted to spend few days amidst Buddhists, whom I heard and read about a lot- a very simple, honest, spiritual and down to earth people.

Bhutan is one of the only Vajrayana Buddhist nations of the world who has retained its original culture and its teachings influences the different aspects of the life of the people. Because of its serene environment and so cordial and friendly society, this tiny kingdom has been called as the “Last Shangrila”.

But as I was on a spiritual journey, I wanted to inscribe the Buddhist culture within me, which is so stunning, soul seeking and philosophically remarkable.  The location is also so at the corner that I felt like I had wandered into an entirely different universe which is so mystical yet so amazing around. The flight to the city of Bhutan, Paro is one of the amazing mountain flights of the world, as you see outside the window changing panorama of some of the highest mountains on earth.  Also known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, but there is nothing devilish about it in Bhutan, only peace, and beauty.

Bhutan is adorned with dzongs, with fortresses constructed to provide protection to the valley and  also acting as an administrative and religious center for the region. Each dzong is a symbol of the nation’ s independence and devotion to Buddhism.  My heart busted as the unique and strange birds touched the skies revealing the great mysteries.

Meeting with the Buddhist people means having a pilgrimage into the own soul and immersing out as lighter, clearer and truer, and I did that.  I involve myself in intense meditation, chanting, praying, participating in their ceremonies and learning the ways to place the Buddha’s teachings into practice. The satisfaction and happiness that I got in this land of Buddha, I did not get anywhere else in the life.

Many tourists visit Bhutan for meditation and retreat tours, which has become a most popular and sought after prodigy among its people. Some follow the dedicated meditative practice that could last for days, while others follow solitary retreats for few hours in the highest hills and temples. As I cannot stay for a long, I followed solitary retreats into the serenity of mountains and of course that what I had wanted.

Besides monasteries and statue of Buddha, beautiful and quaint villages adorn the hillsides. In the monastery especially the Phajoding, we get the opportunity to meet the monks and enjoy the landscape around. It is rendezvous with Buddhism that I was longing for and that is what I got in Bhutan.



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