How To Prepare For Advanced Practices in Pranayama

Advanced Practices in Pranayama

In Yoga, there are more to graceful shapes, eye-catching elements of Hatha Yoga and impressive manifestations of the asanas. These asanas insinuate us towards the deeper levels of meditation that lead us to enlightenment, where our minds become still and our lives grow big. We would dive inside in the depth of the consciousness and understand Avidya.

But we have to go beyond these asanas for a flagging spirit or a wild mind, the ancient sages taught that Prana, which is vital force circulates through us and channels through the panoply of breathing exercise. Pranayama is a vital force, involving the control of breath. It serves as a pertinent bridge between the outwards or active practice of yoga and the internal practice that leads us to meditation. In this whole process, the mind is rejuvenated, calmed, and uplifted.

In Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga, and Raja Yoga, the practice of Pranayama is only ancillary and the breath is often led to find its own balance. However, in Hatha Yoga, the regulation of the breath is the chief means to achieve the goal shared by all branches of yoga.

Practitioners must establish a foundation and train the body to cooperate and strive for balance through the mental awareness and eating habits.

Find here few tips that would lead to the better advanced practices of Pranayama. 

Create Peaceful environment : In an ancient era, sages would meditate and perform pranayama in caves which had pool or water and only one low narrow passage that would lead to a cave.  This would eliminate all kinds of distractions or noises. But now, a pranayama yogi’s should fall in love with be small, ventilated and uncluttered chamber or a room away from all sorts of noises or distractions.

Avoid sexual indulgences : Too much of sexual involvement can lead a slothful way of life though for married couples normal sex is beneficial. Advanced practitioners involves in a practice known as upward traveling (urdhva-retas) which includes siddhasana, mahamudra and kapalabhati, and some concentration methods that ensures maximum restrain from sexual indulgences and directs the energy towards the spiritual goal.

Perform Pranayama in Spring or Autumn : Pranayama should begin in the months of September, October or November or in February, March or April when the weather is neither too hot nor cold. Certain diseases are bound to occur if one starts in the winter or in the extreme heat or cold.  The purity of the air and clear sky of spring and autumn clears the mind and directly impacts the functions of the body. 

Regulate your intake of food : Eating in proper measure and quantity is equality important. Heavy meals are generally taken in afternoon when food gets assimilated and processed easily.  In the advanced stage, liquids are preferred over solid food. Though fasting is not advised but yogis go through fasting when they reach at a particular stage of practice. At least, Minimum of two hours gap should be kept between the meals. Milk with butterfat along with spices, sugar and water are preferred.

Sit in a comfortable pose : Sit in a comfortable position to attain a healthy, strong and flexible spine. Keep your hips, lower back and joints in a good shape and the weight of the body balanced with buttocks, with the perineum at the center. Respiratory and digestive systems should be perfect and nervous systems in order. The spine should also be stretched up with the chest expanded and the shoulders relaxed providing freedom to the diaphragmatic muscles to contract and expand. This comfortable sitting position you will get it by doing regular physical postures, therefore pranayama must be accompanied with asanas.

These are the few aspects for taking yourself into the practice of pranayama but these should be the most conscious efforts that need to be insinuated deeply within to gain maximum benefits.

 Please stay with us to know more about advanced techniques of Pranayama     




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