Meditation Techniques to Help keep The Mind in peace

seven pranayama

We all know the mind is a twisty objective of our life ordeals, jumping from one surface of our life to another like a familiar monkey, and scattering its great power in the shallow winding. So the attention is always on the belief which is a passing phase of our life.  When the mind turns inward in Mediation, there is only subject and that too disappears, erasing the subject-object relationship entirely. An objective is to control this meandering mind which is achieved through meditation.

Meditation brings the mind to focus either externally or internally. In the beginning, there might be some distractive thoughts but by keeping the mind in focus for few minutes will give calming effects. While meditating, there should neither by judgments nor emotions involved, just be observant as you increase your awareness.

There are though hundreds of meditation techniques, but these few are the most effective ones if regularly done can change your life:

Concentration meditation

It is a basic technique that involves us to concentrate our mind on a single object for a particular period of time. The concentrate technique is of three types Zazen (Breathing), Vipassana (Sensation), Tratak (Candle Flame).

 Zazen is a most popular Buddhist technique involving focus and increasing awareness on breathing while counting. This technique is best for beginners. You must be seated straight with spine erected to meditate.

Vipassana is also a beginner’s technique when the mind is focused on the physical sensations of the body.  It is said about Vipassana that it has enlightened more people than any other method. It purifies the mind and makes it more observant. This brings more clarity, insight and mind control.

Tratak generates powerful impact on the body with some of the benefits are memory enhancement and improvement in focus. In Tratak, you keep on looking or concentrate on the candle flame and control the distractive thought process. When you are gazing at the flames, close your eyes and try to image the position of the flame.

The other meditation techniques are Chakra Meditation which means “wheel”.  It represents many different levels of energy manifestations and consciousness development.  There are seven Chakras in our body through which energy flows.  Each Chakra is connected to the physical, emotional and spiritual energies. They are centers of force which is located within your body through which is transmitted, received and process life energies. The main objective is to generate wholeness within yourself and in this way you bring the different aspects of your consciousness from physical reality to spiritual and that could turn into the harmonious relationship.

Mantra Meditation which means meditation through making sounds or the combination of sounds which are developed spontaneously. In the process, certain particular sounds are repeated to reach a meditative state.

Vipassana Meditation: Vipassana means gaining an insight into your own body and self, which can be achieved through a process of self-observant. It enables you recognize the cause of suffering and remove it. This meditation is done in ten days when you refrain yourself from writing, reading or even talking. Keep aside 15 minutes time, find a quiet place, sit down cross-legged on a floor with your back straight and be aware of your breath. Take a note of whatever you have experienced and open your eyes after ten to 15 minutes.

Raja Yoga Meditation; This meditation type fills the yogi’s life with joy and bliss. This bliss releases the mind of all the worldly pleasures and helps yogi to develop the connection with the divine and lead a simple life.

Besides the pleasures of achieving a peaceful mind, meditation if done regularly gives you immense health benefit that includes the reduction in blood pressure, stress levels, improvement in the immune system or breathing, and functionality of the brain.

Meditation is the most valuable gift for us by our generations which we are considering as so old-fashioned and outdated but these traditional ways are only that could take you out from these stressful lives and make you release the powers that are inside you and make you the better person.




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