Why Is My Face So Oily All of a Sudden?

oily face

Are you among the people that suffer from an oily face? Have you tried men’s exfoliating at all?The simple truth is that it is a good way to avoid this type of situation. Many people have found themselves in a position where they are asking the question; why is my face so oily all of a sudden?There are so many elements that can contribute to this problem. It may be as a result of the hormone known as Androgen, changing of environment, stress or it may come from your genetics.

There are also certain common medical conditions that can lead to this problem. Such medical conditions as Adrenal Hyperplasia or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can lead to acne.

Most people tend to believe that oily skin is as a result of hormones and puberty when it occurs on youthful skin. Unknown to them, an oily skin is not just for teenagers but for people of every age. One may ask why it is so. The reasons are what we are going to elaborate on this article.

They are as follows;


Sometimes, when you are anxious about a particular thing, it may result in stress and register on your face. The reason is that your body releases cortisol which is a stress hormone whenever you are anxious or under stress. The production of this stress hormone can also cause your skin or scalp to secrete more oil. You can remedy this condition by taking a relaxing bath to calm your nerves. Medication can also help you to diffuse the built-up tension.


Being properly hydrated is vital if you want to maintain a healthy skin appearance. When you do not drink the proper amount of water, your skin is likely to look dry. Conversely, since you do not get the required amount of water that will keep it hydrated, it may begin to produce excess oil and sebum.

The excess production is to compensate for the deficiency of moisture on the skin. You can remedy this situation by drinking a large quantity of water daily. In case you do not like ordinary water, you can alternate it with herbal teas which are decaffeinated.

Too Much Sugar Intake:

Another thing that can make you ask the question why is my Face so Oily All of A Sudden is sugar. If you are among those that love taking sugary treats like ice cream, cakes, candy or soda, they can increase the secretion of androgens. These androgens can cause more production of oil. You can remedy this situation by taking natural sweet treats like fruits when you need a sugar fix.

If your Skin Care Products are too Harsh

Sometimes many people that have minimal oily skin worsen the situation by bringing in intense skin care products. Over washing your face with products that carry alcohol or scrubber with crystals or grainy particles can result in this condition. You can remedy this condition by using a formulated facial cleanser that matches your skin type.

If it is Hereditary

Sometimes, the causative agent of oily skin is heredity. You cannot run away from your genes so the best thing to do is to follow the tips for skin care that will enable you to reduce the sebum and oil production.

Even if your face suddenly breaks out with excess oil production, you don’t need to worry. All you have to do is to get yourself equipped with the tips on how you can take care of your skin. This will help your body combat the grease.


Since many factors are likely to cause a sudden oil breakout on your face, it is advisable to meet a dermatologist to find out the causative agents. Also to get the appropriate treatment options available. However, there are also other treatment options which are safe and available to you which can help to control the oil breakout.



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