A Tourist Visa or E Tourist Visa for India

india visa

Any foreign national visiting India requires a valid tourist visa which is valid for 60 days. Tourists have the option for applying for the Indian visa in two ways, e-visa, and the regular tourist visa. The e-visa is applicable for the tourists who intend to stay for the shorter duration. The regular tourist visa is valid for six months to ten years and is more expensive.

We would try here to understand about both the visa types and how to apply for it?

E Visa and how to apply for E –visa

The complete process of applying for the visa from sanctioning to applying is done online. An applicant would only have to fill and submit their India visa form online and pay the fees accordingly. The applicant will receive the status of their visa application whether granted or not also online. If the status is granted, Applicant can straightway board the plane without having to courier the passport or visit an Indian Embassy or consulate. And as soon you reach India, tourist visa would be stamped on your passport.

To apply for a visa, submit a scanned copy of your passport information page with the filled application form. Upload the digital copy of your passport sized photo to the website or a scanned photo of your passport. Also, show the proof of your confirmed round trip ticket.   

Things to keep in mind before applying for the E Tourist Visa:

  • Application for e-visa should be submitted approximately within 3-4 days before your scheduled arrival date.
  • Receive maximum 2 Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in a year with one of them provides a maximum stay of 30 days.
  • Do not forget to carry a copy of ETA while traveling. On arrival at the designated airports, move towards the e-visa counter where the tourist visa would be added to your passport, and then move to the immigration counter where the passport would be stamped. The process might take some time at the airports like Delhi or Mumbai.

The visa fees depend on the country you are coming from.  Currently, citizens of 161 countries are eligible to apply for an e-visa. Click here for Indian Government Website

Regular Tourist Visa and How to apply for it

If you are planning to stay in India for more than 60 days then you had to apply for a regular tourist visa for India. For this send your application and passport to the consulate or an outsourced visa authority.

Fill an application form as specified:

  • Send your passport which has a minimum validity of six months, on the date application, and at least two blank pages,
  • One or two photographs with particular specifications found on the respective websites of the visa authorities,
  • Reference in your country of origin as well as India.

After filling the application form, sign it.  But take care signature matches the signature on the passport.

The visa application form should be printed on two pages with signature on both the pages.

If you are applying through the Government website, go to the orange button that states “Regular Visa Application” to begin filling the visa application form. Once the application is filled, take the print out of the form. Take care not ask to for appointment nor pay the fees at this stage.

If your visa is sanctioned it would be attached to your passport and shipped to our “Present Address”.



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