Is Silence a Best Medicine for someone you want to Ignore!

Silence a Best Medicine

Silence is sometimes a very best medicine when you want to be on your own but it is simply an emotional turmoil if you ignore someone for their un-mindful behavior. Studies have found Children would love to be yelled at them instead of ignoring them.  Ignoring means emotional punishment which is far more unbearable than physical form of punishment or shouting. This is a way to close your heart to the ones whom you do not want to acknowledge, acting as if they are invisible.

With this treatment, they get the message that they have displeased you by doing something wrong and deserve this treatment. In this way, you are not taking away only love but your approval which is a powerful form of control, but this treatment could bear you also the emotional turmoil or consequence.

In these circumstances, it is better to use silence constructively and in a situation, you better know of:

  • Keep the words to yourself. Situations come when words are not required and even are not appreciated, particularly if you might say something which might not be helpful or can make the situations worse.  Silence in this case prevention of hurting some one’s emotions and making the discord worse.
  • Silence is beneficial for particular time period. If you see other person anger cannot be controlled or he is not getting convinced, remain silent. Do not try to address the issue at a later stage else it might be too late.
  • Do not allow anyone to bully you and force you to say if you choose not to say anything. You can say that you are facing a difficult time controlling your emotions and it is best to talk about this issue later.
  • Silence prevents intensifying negative emotions. Arguments can take you to the point where you virtually find yourself yelling for no apparent reason. If you have found someone reached a point of reaching inability to listen to rational statements, there is nothing you can say to respond well.
  • You might try to explain the things or be defensive of your actions. It is better sometimes to say nothing or move on.By remaining silent you are not harboring any resentment against anyone, you would also remain cool from inside. As time is the best healer so by remaining silent you are giving time to yourself. At a later stage when a partner decides to reconcile with you, you could leave behind all the differences and reconcile.



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