7 Effective Ayurvedic Treatment Tips to Get Rid of Pimples

7 Effective Ayurvedic treatment tips to get rid of Pimples

With the ample of options available to get rid of pimples, and get a clean face, Ayurveda is definitely a most effective among them.  In Ayurveda it is known as Youvana Pidaka, Youvana means youth and Pidaka means skin eruption.

Instead of using lightening and bleaching creams, try these natural ways for getting rid of pimples and their scars.There is no one but many underlying factors that causes pimples, and some of them are following:

  • Blood toxic components
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Stress
  • Bad skin health
  • Intake of fried food
  • Night awakening
  • Overuse of cosmetics
  • Psychological changes
  • Overproduction of skin oil
  • Family history and many other factors.

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These factors cause vata and pita dosh in the body which in turn leads to vitiation of blood and muscle tissue resulting in small elevated lesions on the face, neck, chest, and back. These are small reddish and black in color eruptions which are non-itching, non-burning and non-painful, but if left untreated can get worse and might lead to itching, painful oozing, and pus-filled eruptions.

Ayurveda suggests easy and effective remedies to get rid of pimples

  1. Basil or Tulsi paste

Tulsi paste is the best way to get the clear face when you use the same on regular basis. If fresh basil is not available, you can also have it from the local shop. Dip it in warm water to form a past and apply the same to the affected areas for ten minutes and 4-5 times a week.

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  1. Margosa or Neem Leaves

Crush the fresh Neem leaves to make a paste and apply it on the pimples. If you can’t find fresh leaves, get some dried bottled leaves, steep the same for 10 minutes in warm water and use the same as the paste.

  1. Sesame Seeds

Soak the sesame seeds overnight and make them into a fine paste or you can also buy the same from the market. Apply the paste for ten minutes every day. You would surely see the positive effect.

  1. Mint

Soak the mint leaves in water and make the same into fine past. It is the best cooling and astringent agent. If this is regularly used you would see your face clear of all the pimple marks.

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  1. Honey and Lemon

Mix two tablespoon of honey and lemon juice to form a paste and apply it on the pimples. But if you feel burning or hot sensation, do not apply it. Apply this paste for ten minutes and wash it off. Apply it for five or six times a week and then see the effect.

  1. Nutmeg or Jalphai

It is a great spice and best remedy for pimple problem. Make the nutmeg into a fine powder by mixing it with water or milk. Form a paste and apply the same for ten minutes on affected areas.

  1. Raw Papaya

White milk that comes out of the skin of raw papaya is the best medicine to get the clear face. Though the milk is sticky, however by using it regularly you would see your face clean and clear.

These are very easy and best home remedies, besides you should take care of the following:

  • Wash your face at least three times a day with fresh water.
  • Use blood purifying and detoxifying herbs having astringent property. They have the anti-bacterial effect, clean the acne and heal it quickly.
  • Use coolants and mind soothing medicines
  • Do not touch and scratch the pimples
  • Use clean towel to wipe your face
  • Eat fruits and Green vegetables
  • Make sure to do cleansing, use moisturizer, hydrate and scrub your face and other affected areas on the regular basis.

Try out these safe, easy and effective methods and see the results.



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