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Kabbyik has more than 7-year of industry experience, working for different small, medium and large-scale organizations of repute. As a Sr. Content Writer and digital strategist, Kolkata, India for Monastery ESolutions, Kabbyik oversees all types of content development and off-page search engine optimization for various domestic and international clients. He is also an active health and tech blogger, and an owner of well-known health and wellness blog Writing is his profession and passion at the same time. He loves animals. He is an active social worker, animal lover, and activist. Some of his specialties including health writing, tech writing, travel writing, technical writing, proofreading, search engine optimization, social media marketing to name a few. Outside of work, Kabbyik enjoys mastering new skills as well as attaining things he sets for himself each year, like social work, animal welfare, teaching English, sharing guest writing etc.

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